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Brunch, Indian Style

Indian food is one of my favourites and lucky for me, a place I spend quite a bit of time at, Penang, Malaysia, has a  large selection of it.  I love this little hole-in-the-wall stand as it feels like you are stepping right into India.  I have been going to this place for years and even blogged about it here.  On this day, I ordered three idlis, which are soft rice cakes,  that come along with condiments which are dahl, sambar and chutney (correct me if I am wrong).  The white-ish sauce is the coconut chutney and the flavour is out of this world.  I also ordered a roti canai (fried bread) to sop up the remaing condiments and teh tarik, which is a very orange tea, hot and sweet. Everything was good and tasty and the price was only 5.60 RM ($1.75 CAD)

The guys are constantly frying roti
The coconut chutney is an irresistible dipping sauce

Cost:  5.60 RM  ($1.75 CAD)

Location:  Vanakam Roti Canai,  254 Jalan Burma, Georgetown, Penang, Malaysia


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