Pad See Ew (Stir Fried Noodles) Week 4 2023

This week, let’s look at one of my favourite Asian fast foods, pad see ew. Loosely translated, it means fried soy sauce,  because the big fried noodles are well coated in soy sauce.  This particular pad see ew is from one of my favourite restaurants in Luang Prabang, Laos named Puck Luck.  This place is […]

Lao Spring Rolls – Week 2, 2023

These babies are a real taste treat and if you eat the heaping tray of greens it surely must be healthy too.  Of course, there is peanut sauce included for an extra hit of flavour.  One interesting ingredient in the tray of greens is sliced banana flower. Eating it is known to have many health […]

Dark Beerlao – Week 52, 2022

This was an easy choice as Beerlao is delicious and still super affordable and it is the festive season after all. I would say from all my travels in Southeast Asia it is probably the best beer or perhaps tied with Vietnam. The Dark beer is my favourite from the extensive Beerlao lineup with the […]

Ulike Ice Cream – Week 51, 2022

Update:  Discovered they have these Korean-type waffles on the menu and wow are they great.   The texture is soft yet it holds the ice cream well and the taste is great.  The waffle with 2 scoops and toppings is only 23,000 kip   ($1.84 CAD) This sweet deal is coming to you from Ulike Ice Cream […]