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Nasi Lemak, Malaysia’s National Dish

Let’s take a look at Malaysia’s beloved national dish, nasi lemak.  It is ubiquitous in traditional coffee shops, there it is usually without the chicken and neatly wrapped up in banana leaf.  The version I really like is with fried chicken, coconut rice, boiled egg, sambal (spicy sauce) and a scoop of peanuts and deep-fried anchovies.   The peanuts and anchovies provide a satisfying crunch to the dish.

My favourite place to get this is at the Gurney Hawker food center at a stand called Cilibilis.  Get it when the chicken is just out of the fryer and it is a little taste of heaven. The cost has gone up a bit, but still only 8 Ringgit.


On a good night, they go through an enormous amount of the coconut rice

Cost:  8 MYR ($2.31 CAD)

Location:  Cilibilis at Gurney Hawker Food Center in Penang


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