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E-hailing in Malaysia

E-hailing has been around for a decade or so but if you don’t know what it is, it is a service that allows you to hail a ride with an app on your phone.  Generally speaking, your ride will be in a private vehicle driven by its owner.  You use the app to enter point A and point B  of your journey and the app will calculate the rate.  There used to be Uber in SE Asia but it got bought out by Grab which is the big boy on the block.   In Malaysia, there are few competitors now with the main one being Maxim.  The e-hailing helped a lot in Kuching, Borneo as the city is quite spread out and the buses are few and far between.  The average cost seemed to be about 1 RM per km, with Maxim usually a bit cheaper than Grab.  That is a great deal if you ask me

Cost:  10 RM ($3.06 CAD) for a 10 km ride

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