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Budapest 15 Day Travel Pass

I was recently to Hungary and generally found that their inflation was taking a big bite out of my budget.  Fortunately their wonderful transport system still had good value to offer.  The best deal I found was the 15 day pass which is good for unlimited trips on all trams, subways and buses within Budapest. It only cost 5950 forint (about $22 CAD).  I think I averaged about four rides per day, so the math definitely made sense for me versus the single fee of 450 forint per ride.  The convenience is what really made it worthwhile because I wasn’t queuing up to buy tickets all the time.

Once you have the pass,  you just have to show it to bus drivers or there might be inspectors who ask to see your pass on the bus/tram or when exiting the subway.  You are supposed to have a photo ID with you that matches what is on your pass but no one ever asked to see this, the pass alone was fine.

A little transport trivia for you. Budapest has one of the world’s oldest subway lines (M1) , which was opened in 1896 and is second only to the Tube in London.

The subway escalators are long and wickedly steep

Note the pass does not include the 100E airport bus but you you can still use the pass to get to/from the airport via the 200E bus plus subway to the city center.


The 15 day pass cost me 5950 forint ($22 CAD)





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