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Peanut Pancake Penang

He is the one I like to call the pancake whisperer and he has to be one of the hardest working street food vendors you will ever find. He makes one thing only, peanut pancake, though there is an option to add sweet corn. He cooks them in six gorgeous little cast iron frying pans that sit over charcoal heat that he painstaking tends to, adding tiny pieces of charcoal every so often. It seems like from the moment he arrives on his corner at Pulau Tikus people are lining up for his pancakes. I don’t mind to wait because it is kind of memorizing to watch the process. One bite and you will know what the fuss is about, crunchy, hot and sweet, the peanuts have all but melted into a peanut butter like filling. At 1.20 RM (about 0.30 $USD) I almost feel guilty and though they are filling, one is definitely not enough.

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