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Kimchi Pancake at Takashimaya Mall, Singapore

This meal was such a great surprise not only because of the great flavour combination but also where I found it, in the Takashimaya  Mall food Center on Orchard Road in Singapore.  This place is fun to walk through just to see the interesting and exotic (read expensive) foods on offer.  When I saw the words kimchi pancake, I knew I must have this.  I should have thought of this combination myself, two of my favourite foods ever, combined. The meal price was part of the surprise,  a cheap and cheerful $7 SGD in the mall where one cookie can cost like $5+.

The taste was quite kimchi-like, salty, spicy  and sour, with an added hint of smokiness.   The soup was a mild yet tasty broth which is perfect accompaniment to the bold kimchi flavour. Highly recommended.

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