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Nasi Kandar curry chicken from Penang

Penang Nasi Kandar chicken curryPenang Nasi Kandar chicken curry

The meal this week is coming from Penang AKA Food Paradise.  Why is it food paradise?  There are very strong communities of both Chinese and Indian as well as the local Malay style food.  It is a very competitive food scene and even the diners are competitive and willing to  queue up for a long time for that certain hawker food dish.

This week’s dish, while it may not look like much, is a little taste of heaven.  It is curry chicken and rice,  Nasi Kandar (Tamil Indian) style.  It is a wonderful blend of spicy, sweet and salty.  One thing very unique to Nasi Kandar style is that they give you your dish with your particular curry and rice and then ask you if you want some of the other quite different sauces from their other curries added to your dish.  To a Westerner this seems at first cuckoo bananas but after trying it once, I want!!   The shop is not much to look at but reasonably clean and absolutely bursting at lunch time.  I have enjoyed many a curry in my travels and have to say this is as good as any I have ever had, including my years in the UK and India.  At a grand total of $2 USD always puts a smile on face and tummy. 

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