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Coffee Addict, Best Cafe in Penang

Update March 17, 2019:  Coffee Addict is now at 24 Campbell Street.  It is still a winner

I love me some good coffee and let me tell you Georgetown, Penang is a bit of a coffee wonderland.  Its roots go deep with countless old-style coffee shops, called kopitiams, some of which date back a hundred years old or more.  These cafes serve good Malay/Indian/Chinese food and usually you are obliged to order a drink too.  This coffee is generally a very strong robusta brewed by the “sock” method with a substantial layer of condensed milk at the bottom.  Usually one cup of this sturdy stuff is plenty for .me.

In recent years, a multitude of third wave, artisinal coffee shops have sprung up all around Georgetown.  It seems like every week there are one or two new shops opening and frankly there is an oversupply in the tourist area but hey, it means plenty of great coffee to choose from, so  no complaints here.

The smiling servers
Artistic design

I heard about Coffee Addict (aka Cafe G Seventy) from a yoga teacher of mine, Michelle,  who gave it a glowing review.. I am always on the prowl for good coffee so I was off and running.  It is a little tricky to find as it’s entrance is in the back alley off of Hutton Lane.  Once inside, the homey atmosphere gives you a warm embrace. There is always good background music to chill to and an eclectic collection of furniture options to sit yourself down at. The most interesting piece is a long, solid-wood, boardroom-type table that could easily seat  a dozen or more, it seems to pull the whole room together.  There is an abundance of greenery on the side wall, including a tree which is optimistically stretching towards the second story skylight. Plenty of reading material is available including a very interesting travel/design magazine called Monocle, which I like a lot. I enjoy this place so much, I cannot honestly say whether they have wifi or not.  How about that!

Flat white, what a beauty
Peanut butter- banana panini

Both the food and the coffee are winners every time.  I usually order the flat white latte, which is smooth but still delivers big espresso flavour, just the way I like it. On a whim I  tried the peanut butter and banana panini and it was tasty, rich and surprisingly filling, made me feel like the king. Wonderful orange infused water is served for  you at your table and the staff comes around often, offering refills. I ordered the bacon and eggs on another visit, also good. Then I discovered the bacon jam:  bacon and egg  on toast or bagel with “bacon jam”, avocado chunks and arugala…… OMG!   This is easily the best new dish I have tried in 2016. Bacon jam, how great is that?  In fact it is really deliciously great, bits of fried bacon, with both  a little sweet and a little heat added. The sharpness of the arugala cuts through the bacon fat brilliantly.

The breath-taking Bacon Jam

I have literally been to dozens of coffee shops in Penang and like a fine crema, Coffee Addict has risen to the top.  If they keep up the amazing work, they are on their way to becoming my favourite coffee shop….period.   Do yourself a flavour when in Georgetown and check out Coffee Addict.


  • Address
    209  Hutton Lane, right by Nagore St., 10050 George Town, Malaysia
    The entrance is in the back of building.
  •  Hours
    9:00 am – 8:00 pm
    9:00 am – 8:00 pm
    9:00 am – 10:00 pm
    9:00 am – 8:00 pm

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