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Canadian Favourites

The green, green grass of home

I was back in Canada for a few weeks and a question I often got asked is what did I miss the most about Canada while I was away or put another way what do I enjoy the most when I am back. It’s funny how leaving the place you are from helps clarify what you like about it best, one of travelings unexpected pleasures. In no particular order, these are a few of my favourite things:

Visiting with family and friends

Italian Star Deli, many items such as chinotto soda, home style pepperoni and especially missed, good cheese

Canada Dry ginger ale


Good chocolate, ideally Belgian Bernard Callebaut but for everyday PC decadent chunks

Home cooking, my own and others. A few dishes I have been making often; roast chicken, steak au poivre, buttermilk pancakes topped with maple syrup and surprisingly dahl, as I thought I was totally off Indian food

Yoga Mala yoga

It’s pretty darn clean here

Craft brewed beer and a decent selection of wine

Watching hockey playoffs

Bacon and eggs for breakfast greasy spoon style, like the Novia cafe

Baths. Yes I did wash regularly while I was away but in the hot climates showering is usually the only option

Ice cream at the Milky Way

Roaming around the farm

It is so quiet. Even in Vancouver, Canada’s most densely populated place, I was amazed how quiet it was at my friends home

Tap water that is safe to drink

Power outages are the exception rather than the rule

Haircut by Michelle (Urban Hair). When you can’t speak the language of the person cutting your hair, believe me your hairstyle can suffer. My last full day in Thailand I went for a haircut to try repair the damage of the previous one and the girl could not speak English. She was smart enough to have a celebrity mag to pick styles from. I chose the Jude Law and actually came back with fairly spiffy hair.

Ukrainian Coop kielbasa

Large urban green spaces like Wascana Park

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