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My “New” Shorts

For me, pants are highly overrated. I generally spend my time either in the tropics or enjoying the short but sweet summer in Canada. On top of that, one of my favourite daily modes of transport is by bicycle. That said, shorts are the way to go. This deal was cutting off and hemming an […]

Pad See Ew (Stir Fried Noodles)

This week, let’s look at one of my favourite Asian fast foods, pad see ew. Loosely translated, it means fried soy sauce,  because the big fried noodles are well coated in soy sauce.  This particular pad see ew is from one of my favourite restaurants in Luang Prabang, Laos named Puck Luck.  This place is […]

A Journey Back in time on Southern Prairie Railway

On my latest visit back to Canada, my nephew and I went on a little adventure, touring some of the sights in Southwestern Saskatchewan. Though I lived many years close by, this an area I have spent very little time there , especially as a tourist.  We covered quite a bit of ground for one […]

London-Paris-Italy by Train, including Eurostar Snap

Trains London-Paris-Italy 2016 I find train travel much more interesting than flying and on my recent tour of Europe I certainly got my fill.   London I took trains/tube around London and as far out as Maidenhead.  I had hoped to see improved service from my time living there years ago but sadly no.  All […]

Worst Travel Day Ever

Worst Travel Day Ever The day started out great with a leisurely morning in Penang, including time for a good coffee at the airport Kaffa.   After an uneventful 1 hour flight from Penang to Medan, I was on the ground in Sumatra for the first time.    It was only about 1:30 so it seemed like […]

Canadian Favourites

The green, green grass of home I was back in Canada for a few weeks and a question I often got asked is what did I miss the most about Canada while I was away or put another way what do I enjoy the most when I am back. It’s funny how leaving the place […]

Yoga in India

Click on the photo to go through photo album I spent most of my time in India studying yoga in the southern city of Mysore, renowned as the home of Ashtanga yoga. There are indeed many yoga schools to choose from there which is great. People from all over the world flock here to practice […]

Tribute to RRR

Click on the photo to see the album Over the course of my two+ months in Mysore I ate many, many restaurant meals and overall my favourite place for a meal was the Hotel RRR restaurant. There are likely people who have seen the place up close and would think I am quite mad. It […]

Planes, Trains and Autorickshaws

Click on the photo to see the album I was caught off guard when the madness of India began before I even left Thailand. I booked my flight to India online with the popular Indian airline called Kingfisher about a week before departure. I was surprised that at that time it seemed like there were […]

Chiang Mai, Thailand

My time in Chiang Mai started off on a bit of a downer as my suitcase did not arrive on the flight with me. It’s funny because at the sleepy little Luang Prabang airport that I departed from there were only two planes there at departure time but Lao Airlines managed to put my bag […]