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Bahamas favourites

My favourite local dishes are:
souse-a sour,spicy soup of chicken, sheep tongue or pigs feet usually eaten for breakfast with johnny cake(cornmeal cake)
boiled fish- fish soup/stew also usually for breakfast
grilled conch- a yummy variation of the conch, a giant mollusk which Bahamians adore
macaroni and cheese- Bahamians do it baked and it is quite good

Colloquial words and phrases I enjoy:
junglist=an opportunistic young lady with tight clothing and plenty of makeup
Whadda ya sayin’?=how are you….and a cool response is “right here man”
roach on my bread=when your girl is cheating on you
potcake=the semi-stray dogs of the Bahamas

Botani Bath soap/bath products are beautiful, all natural and handmade. The store and soap factory is on Bay St. three doors down from Bacardi store

Fave Nassau beaches are Cabbage Beach on Paradise Island and Orange Hill Beach on West Bay St. All time favourite is Pink Sands Beach on Harbour Island, Eleuthera

My favourite guided tour is the Powerboat Adventure to the Exuma cays, expensive but well worth it.

The jitney bus system is an interesting way of getting around for only $1.25. The water taxi ride over to Paradise island is good fun.

Great daiquiris at the daiquiri shack across the street from the Wyndham Crystal Palace

Bacardi rum cakes and Nassau Royale rum liqueur, great together or on their own. They make great gifts

Blue Caviar French restaurant on Blake Road

Good cappuccino at Cafe Milano on West Bay Street, the food is alright too

Bertha’s Go-Go ribs

For fine dining, Provence at Sandyport is a winner. Their crab cakes rule.

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