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Kielbasa (Ukrainian Sausage)

This is staple for me when I am back in Canada.  I have been going to the same shop for over twenty years for this tasty sausage. They are smoking the sausage out back everyday, sometimes you can get  it still warm from the smoker, yummy!   I always joke that I am just not comfortable unless there is some kielbasa in the fridge.

Like everything, the price has gone up some but still very affordable.  The average price for a sausage is about $10 and weighing in at well over a pound it could be a meal for 4.  To sweeten the deal even more, you get a sausage card when you buy it and after 10 sausage  stamps, the next one is heavily discounted, almost free!



About $10 per sausage and don’t forgot to bring your sausage card!


The Ukrainian Co-op  at 1805 Winnipeg St, Regina



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