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Nasi Lemak, Malaysia’s National Dish

Let’s take a look at Malaysia’s beloved national dish, nasi lemak.  It is ubiquitous in traditional coffee shops, there it is usually without the chicken and neatly wrapped up in banana leaf.  The version I really like is with fried chicken, coconut rice, boiled egg, sambal (spicy sauce) and a scoop of peanuts and deep-fried […]

Bus Service in Penang, Malaysia

  Here is a service i have happily used  in Penang countless times over the past years, The buses are air-conditioned, seats are comfy enough and the price is outstanding value.  Usually my ride would be into the city center from the suburb but I have ridden as far as the airport, though you would […]

International Flight Penang to Singapore

The cost of travel is undeniably on the rise but there are still sweet deals out there if you know how and where to search. Take for example the latest international flight I booked from Penang, Malaysia to Singapore.  The cost for a one-way flight with no extras came out to the low cost of […]

Traveling from Canada to Asia with Class, Business Class that is

September in Saskatchewan is a time of change. The crops are being harvested, trees are shifting to  autumn splendor,  and the morning air starts to get crisp.  One sign I watch for closely is the geese flocking together on their way south.  That is  my signal, time to get my butt back to the tropics. […]

Kielbasa (Ukrainian Sausage)

This is staple for me when I am back in Canada.  I have been going to the same shop for over twenty years for this tasty sausage. They are smoking the sausage out back everyday, sometimes you can get  it still warm from the smoker, yummy!   I always joke that I am just not comfortable […]

Transend External Hard Drive

I was looking for a better external storage solution and came across this darling,  the Transcend 350 240 GB SSD.  Being an  SSD (solid-state drive) means no moving parts inside which should surely last longer than the old-style spinning disks.   It was on a wicked sale at London Drugs, around one third the regular price. […]

Cinque Terre, Italy 2023

On my latest pass through Europe, I spent a little time on the northern Mediterranean  coast  of  Italy and was able to get in a day trip to the gems known as Cinque Terre.  These are five small, ancient fishing villages with colourful houses perched  on the cliffs above the sea. To get there, I […]

Five Nights at the AC Hotel in Genova, Italy

I started my latest European trip with a 5-night stay at the AC Hotel in Genova (Genoa) on the Mediterranean coast of Northern Italy.  I have been interested in this city for a while and thought it was underrated and my stay confirmed that. It is lovely!  The AC Hotel is located away from the […]

Roast Chicken Salad – Veena Cafe, Vientiane, Laos

This one is coming from Vientiane, which is the capital of Laos, and also what I affectionately refer to as the Western food capital of SE Asia.  The strong French influences have a lot to do with that.  Veena Cafe is one of my all-time favourite places to dine. It has a lot of Western-style […]

Brunch, Indian Style

Indian food is one of my favourites and lucky for me, a place I spend quite a bit of time at, Penang, Malaysia, has a  large selection of it.  I love this little hole-in-the-wall stand as it feels like you are stepping right into India.  I have been going to this place for years and […]