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Koh Lipe Thailand

Koh LipeKoh Lipe
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Even though there are some renowned islands in the south of Thailand I am reluctant to check them out because I got rather spoiled by the amazing beaches in the Bahamas and fear disappointment. This past weekend I got the opportunity to check out the beautiful Koh Lipe area and I went for it! It is very far south Thailand, in fact it is easiest to reach from Malaysia. It still was a bit of an act to get there from Penang involving taxi, short flight to Langkawi, mini bus to ferry terminal, fast ferry ride, long tail boat to shore and finally golf cart to hotel. Whew! Was it worth it? Well take a look at the pics and see for yourself! I don’t know if I will ever find any beaches as gorgeous as the Bahamas but Koh Lipe comes very close. The island is getting fairly developed but not too crowded yet. At night they have a lively walking street with plenty of shopping, restaurants and bars. Glad I had this Thai island experience before the place is overrun.

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