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Ulike Ice Cream

Update:  Discovered they have these Korean-type waffles on the menu and wow are they great.   The texture is soft yet it holds the ice cream well and the taste is great.  The waffle with 2 scoops and toppings is only 23,000 kip   ($1.84 CAD)

this is waffly good

This sweet deal is coming to you from Ulike Ice Cream in Luang Prabang, Laos.  There is quite a variety of flavours on offer and it seems like they change every week.  Some of my favourites are passionfruit, coconut, blueberry, coffee and lychee.  The price is amazing, only 4000 kip ($0.32) per scoop. They have extra toppings you could add for 2000 kip but I enjoy the ice cream on its own.   There is a cute courtyard in front to sit down and enjoy your cool treat.

Ulike Ice Cream

Location:  https://goo.gl/maps/nb5C2HZjW5uWASFq7

Cost:  4000 kip per scoop ($0.32 CAD), waffle with 2 scoops 23,000 kip ($1.84 CAD)

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