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Lao Spring Rolls

These babies are a real taste treat and if you eat the heaping tray of greens it surely must be healthy too.  Of course, there is peanut sauce included for an extra hit of flavour.  One interesting ingredient in the tray of greens is sliced banana flower. Eating it is known to have many health benefits and it is sought after by Lao people.

There is rice noodle provided but no rice paper so the idea is to grab a leaf of lettuce, load it up with a piece of spring roll and a little bit of everything else. It is fun and messy.

The cost of the huge tray of greens and 8 spring rolls is 50,000 kip ($3.95 CAD) and it is enough to feed 2 people

The payoff

Cost: 50,000 Kip ($3.95 CAD) for spring rolls and a large tray of greens

Location: UNIO Foods Garden,  Luang Prabang, Laos


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