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Sidikalang, Sumatra Coffee Tour Part 2

Heavy machinery for coffee processing The morning after our wonderful coffee farm tour ,we finally got to meet our host and the Sidikalang coffee master himself, Samuel. We had a great chat about coffee over coffee, then it was on to the Poda Coffee processing area and laboratory. This is where we would do the coffee […]

Sidikalang, Sumatra Coffee Tour Part 1

I love coffee,  not just drinking it, but everything about it from hunting for the best coffee shop, trying different brewing methods, different varieties,  and learning about the coffee’s journey from farm to cup. On my second trip to Sumatra I wanted to dig deep into what makes this world-famous coffee so special.  I was at Lake Toba […]

Magnificent Lake Toba

For my Sumatra adventure, I considered skipping this popular tourist destination, as when I  researched it, there didn’t seem to be a whole lot  to do there. Thank goodness I came to my senses in the end.  While it is true there is not that much to do,  Lake Toba is a glorious place to […]