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International Flight Penang to Singapore

The cost of travel is undeniably on the rise but there are still sweet deals out there if you know how and where to search. Take for example the latest international flight I booked from Penang, Malaysia to Singapore.  The cost for a one-way flight with no extras came out to the low cost of […]

Brad’s Budget Airline Blitz of Europe via Scoot, Wizz and Ryanair

I have been traveling for a fair few years now and have scored some amazing deals along the way but it is going to be tough to top my budget airline blitz of Europe in the spring of 2019.  Arriving from Asia, it covered 5 countries, about 12,000 kms, with 5 flights on 3 different […]

Making the Most of a 24 Hour Layover in Tokyo

My most recent travel adventure  was one fine day in  Tokyo.  Japan has been high on my wish list for some time now.  Why only one day? Well, one efficiency I have learned in my long term travels is that when I am booking my annual Canada visit,  I keep my eyes peeled for any interesting […]

Brussels to Bangkok in style

Brussels to Bangkok Inaugural flight click to see albun Many times when I am traveling I feel “How lucky was that”? I got that feeling in a big way on my latest journey to Asia. The flights Nassua-Newark and Newark-Brussels were with Continental and United and as you could imagine they were so-so at best. […]