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Venturing to Panama

Orange Hill Beach in Nassau, The Bahamas

I wanted to share a development I find most pleasing. I am fairly smitten with Panama and have ventured there several times now. The airline I prefer to use is Copa, the national carrier of Panama. I have found their service to be good and the price is reasonable from Miami. Unfortunately if you go this route you have to go through the whole US security rigamarole. The pleasing development is that Copa now flies direct from Nassau (another place I have a soft spot for) to Panama in under three hours! I spent a few days in Nassau at the reasonably-priced Orange Hill Inn which has a magnificent beach right in front of it and is located very handy to the airport.
If you are coming from Canada but don’t feel like stopping in the Bahamas, the other good news is that Copa is now flying direct from Toronto to Panama. I have heard rumours that may also be adding Calgary to their destinations. I hope more Canadians take this opportunity to explore the wonders of Panama, it is really worthwhile.

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